Image size problem after burn


Can someone help me solve this issue ? I create movies by recording powerpoint animations and save them in a .avi format. After having burned them on the DVD using Nero Vision Express 2 and playing it in my DVD player, the movie is like out of proportion like if the margins where “out of the TV”. It looks like my tv screen is missing 1 inch on each side .

I supposed this had to do with the resolution somehow. I then recorded my movie both in 1024x768 and 800x600 and both way gives me the same results. I also tryed reformating them in 720x480 (losing great amount of quality btw) and that also fails.

Any idea ? Thx !

I assume you are using NV4 to burn the video? Do you know the properties of the original files? Are there any options when you save as .avi, for aspect ratio or resolution?

NV4 does have an aspect ratio setting, which is probably set to automatic. It uses the original content to determine what the output should be. You might try changing that to 4:3 to see if it helps.

You never mentioned what type of TV you were viewing the video on? Also, does it look normal on the computer?