Image recording syntax

Can someone please help me clear up the required syntax for burning to an iso file? I have read the FAQ’s in the user’s manual and I still have some unresolved questions. I’m trying to burn the image file using the command line options. This is what I have so far:

C:\Nero\NeroCMD --write --drivename d “Image Recorder” --real --dao --relax_joliet --close_session --iso Test “C:\Test Data*” --recursive --disable_eject --dvd --underrun_prot --error_log MyErrorLog.txt

I’m trying to burn everything in the folder ‘Test Data’ to an image(.iso) file named ‘Test’. How does this look? Do I have any options to choose where to have the file saved? Would I use a path instead of just the drivename?

Thanks for your help.