Image Recorder?

I have Nero 5 Burning ROM(ver. and I am having a problem. Whenever I finish adding the songs I want to burn, the only option that Nero offers is ‘Image Recorder’. That is listed in the drop-down menu but it’s the only choice. Why? I want audio recorder, right?

I think you don’t need any audio recorder, just to select your CD-Writer and have fun :slight_smile:

I can’t. That’s just the thing. My cd writer isn’t listed. It should have ‘audio recorder’ listed with a little picture of cd that says ‘audio’. The only thing there is ‘Image Recorder’ and a little picture of a cd that says ‘image’.

Nero 5 Burning ROM ver. is a rather old version : are you sure that this version supports your drive ?
I had to move on to Nero 6 because even the latest v5 (v5.5.10.56) didn’t support my Sony DRU-700. What recorder do you have ?
Open Nero and under the “recorder button” from the menu, choose “set recorder”.
Is your recorder listed there ?
If not, you have to upgrade to or to Nero 6.
First tell me what recorder you have.