Image Quality


I’ve been using DVD2One for a while now and have version 1.0. I’ve just been copying the movies only. Could anyone tell me what kind of hit i should expect in the image quality department because right now on my small 27" i cant make out much. Later on however I plan to get a 42" Plasma… how much of a different would i be able to notice on that??


On how large (gb) the original movie was, how long (time-wise) it is, and how good the source material was. I should also say that fullscreen versions supply less data to the screen and seem to compress pretty well as a result. Most of the transcoders start to exhibit some blockiness around 140 minutes or so although I have pumped out some 170 minute productions that are pretty clean.

If you watch the DVD on your PC at a high resolution, you should be able to tell quite a bit since a PC monitor has a lot more resolution than a TV.


I have to say that it’s not bad at all. I have a 65" widescreen HDTV monitor and out of the 150 or so backups I’ve made, they’re all very good quality. Once in a while you’ll notice pixelation, but it’s nothing to write home about.

On longer movies though, it’s more noticeable (of course). For example, LOTR it was noticeable but by no means unwatchable. Way better than VHS in my opinion - you still have your 5.1 surround sound or DTS if you choose… :smiley:

this is what I do. I have a 50" HDTV and the quality is v good. i dont do extras. i remove titles, credits, and unwanted audio & subtitle streams to maximize video quality.

DVD-5s: DVDDecrypter ISO mode.

under 6.5 GB: DVD Shrink -> DVD2One -> Nero

Over 6.5 GB: split movie into 2 DVDs using DVDToolbox

Hey thanks for the replies…

I like Murali’s guidance alot, I’m going to do that in the future.
Hopefully larger capacity DVD’s will be affordable sometime soon, then we dont have to worry about all this stuff!


Sorry, but I doubt you’ll see dual-layer DVD-R’s out there any time soon - it’s just not possible.

Higher capacity with the newer blue laser is possible but expensive, not widely available yet, and not currently playable on stand-alone players.

As for splitting a movie to two discs, I’d never do that. Even LOTR at 3 hours is fine on one disc. The inconvenience of 2 discs in not worth the improvement in picture quality. Nothing annoys me more than having to get up and insert the second disc (or in my case, flip a two-sided disc such as Goodfellas and Stargate)… doing that once is more than enough for me… I used DVD2One to put those 2-sided DVD’s onto 1 DVD-R and am very happy.

If I want better quality when watching long movies like LOTR, I pull out my original. No worries.