Image quality issues with DVD Decrypter and Nero Recode

Hi folks…
Using dvd decrypter to rip backups of my movies for use with the kids, and the rips themselves are fine, when I play them from file. But when I compress/burn them with recode to a 4.5 gig dvd 5, I get "glitches in the picture… almost like the little dust spots or bad spots in a film movie you see in a theater. Is this a compression issue? Software issue? Tried updating software, was running nero 7.2, now 7.5.1, and problem still exists. Not all DVD`s do it, some much worse than others. Thoughts? Pointers? Thanks,

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Are these “glitches” visible if you play the compressed video on the PC or when you play the burned DVD on a standalone player?

It’s most likely a case of a bad burn caused by the wrong burn speed and , most likely , poor quality media. So what do you burn at and what is the media?

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Its memorex 16x media, burning at 16x and being played in a pc and standalone player. Both react the same. I`ll drop it to 2.4x once and see what happens… Media is gold in color on top, and blue-purple on bottom.

Ok… 6x is the slowest my burner will go… got two different makes/models actually, an asus external DL and a Sony DL internal. Both do it, no matter what speed I burn… I did have the first one I burned at lower speed work what seemed perfectly, so I went to the next backup, and the imperfections are there still. Guess I will try some different media… Or maybe switch to DL disks, even though they hurt the pocket book quite a bit

Switch to some decent media like Verbatim. Memorex should be avoided as the quality is variable even within a pack or spindle.

I use mainly Verbatim 16x +R (made in Taiwan) burned at 12x in all my burners.