Image of the Day

OK, so it was yesterday, but I couldn’t find it on the www :slight_smile:

Bush spilling his German beer at G8:

The pictures don’t convey it very well and I don’t care whether it’s alcohol-free beer or not, but here’s the setting as I saw it on the news several times yesterday :slight_smile: . George W. sitting at the same table with Merkel and Blair, being left out of the conversation and, feeling totally uneasy, he pours more beer into his half-filled, standing up straight glass, which (obviously) foams over and spills onto the table. He then tries to sip off the foam, spilling even more, while the others pretend not to notice and continue their babble. Hilarious :bigsmile:

Just another day in the life of the most powerful man in the world :doh:

That even made BBC world news LOL!
I guess he’s not used to pouring his own beer too much…

I still like the pictures of the world leaders in Thailand (I think…) where they were asked to wear traditional dress to honor their hosts… and it turned out to be pretty pale blue silk garments that can only be described as dresses :bigsmile:
The group of most powerful people in the world did not look too relaxed about it :bigsmile:

Ok, I’ve got to find a pic of that now :iagree:

I lied, it was Vietnam.
This still makes me laugh :bigsmile:

That’s even scarier than your worst nightmare :eek:

Hehe…gave me a giggle too, that one :bigsmile:…doesn’t he look sweet :wink:

Canadian GP (today).
Robert Kubica’s formula 1 BMW hits the wall at 180MPH, what’s left of the car somersaults down the track and comes to rest at a barrier. Luckily he suffered only minor injuries.

Looks like a close shave :iagree: Montreal is a very tricky circuit, little or no margin for error and a bumpy track to boot. My favorite F1 recollection is Eddie Irvine’s charge through the field there in 1999 :slight_smile:

It did look very bad on live TV

Yup, like when you have a movable dish in europe and can watch the live stream on 43 degrees west… Really, the crash was a really nasty looking one, luckily only 1 leg got “broken”. 4x times Safety Car - that was A RACE. Phew.

BTW, I think the Bush clique is not “compatible” with types of beer normally consumed here in Germany. I dunno what they prefer to suck in TexAs$ :smiley:

Rio Grande Blood eh?!?

Oh, “Buckler” is german Beer??? :rolleyes: :confused:

I reckon RK could do with a beer after that little episode :stuck_out_tongue:


We all could do with a beer :slight_smile:

Probably more likely to be Buckfast :wink:

Glasgows finest :bigsmile: