Image needs emulation, I want no emu. Twin peak fails!- Help me

I have an Image of an Securom 4.8x that i mount on my virtual drive and it requires emulation. I tried to get rid of the emulation my useing the twin peak method. First i used Twincreator and I patched up the MDS and the MDF file. That didn’t work. So I converted the image to a .ccd and used a BWA file that I downloaded (My drive isn’t very good at making BWA files). That failed.

What do i do? If there is an souloution make sure that it uses Alcohol 120%. I have no other software.

Welcome nooby god :),

you can use the Emulation option for SecoROM in Alcohol, you just have to switch it on. You can also use daemon-tools mounting the Image and turn on SecuROM and RMPS emulation.

edit: why not using emulation it’s not a bad think and if it works there is no problem. But if you want no emulation look here Alcohol 120%: Copying SecuROM 4.8x protected games with no emulation

If you have the original cd, you can simply download a trial version of CloneCD. Then create an image using the “game” profile, patch it with the bwa and twincreator, and burn the image to disk using CloneCD again. This should give you a non-emulated backup.

Alternatively you can do exactly the same with Alcohol rather than CloneCD.

Thank you CD 1986. That has seemed to work even though the CD verification takes a little while.

There is a good chance your twinpeak patch didn’t work due to a dodgy MDS.

I’m trying to copy SW:KOTOR, with Alcohol, without the use of emulation. Following Philamber’s guide, I have made an image of the game using Alcohol, but in .ccd format. I have downloaded the corresponding .bwa file from Portmac’s site (great job Portmac!) and blackcheck’s twinpeaks tool. I get a patched .ccd file, which when I try to use it does not authenticate. Am I doing anything wrong? I try to play that game from both Tosh and Plex drives (atip hiding used when tried with Plextor) - see config in my signature- to no avail. Is there anything else I can try?

Hi pafan,

maybe your reading and writing speed was to high, try it using 4x for both. You can also use Alcohols original format, but then you need Alcoholer 4.1. Know you can use a MDS or BWA file for patching. Good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks, Kalas, I’ll try it your way before switching to Blindwrite to have another go.