Image issues

I just getting into the wonderfull world of emulation, and im trying to man an image of a playstation game on my HDD so i can play it on an emulator,
i have tryed using cloneCD and Alcohol 120% but they can only seem to make an image as there own formats (CCD & MDS files) and there seems to be more than 1 file that actualy contain the data, what ever happend to ISO’s!! the emulators i am using seem to only be able to read ISO’s which i find very confusing as people seem to be creating working image files (i assume ISO’s) with programs like cloneCD and A120… please help!

so… could some one please clarify a few things for me;

  1. whats the best way to man an image that will work with emulators,

  2. thats it for now i think.

Generally, software that is used to run images of a ISO’s and other software type images are called Virtul Drives. How are youusing Emulation software for this?
Dameon Tools is a good Virtual Drive that will play most current image types, and it is updated to meet newest blacklisting from new protection schemes.
What emulator are you usuing now to run the ISO’s?

If I may suggest making a normal copy of the PSX game and using an emulator of the PSX console like epsxe or bleem or others and run the backup cd off of that.
epsxe is free and the best I seen so far.

i am trying to use pcsxbox version 10 to play playstation games, so i want to copy the image to my xbox hdd and play it from there, i have tryed this put the iso’s i have created dont work (i tyed magicISO) and cloneCD and alcohol 120% dont seem to be able to make iso’s at all… any ideas?