Image frequency cannot be set to "same as source"


I face a very curious issue with the new release of DVDFab.

I’ve the mobile option and I’m using it to convert DVD sequences to AVI files trough the “generic” profile. Whatever the path I’m using (usually, generic.avi.h264.audiocopy), even when I select “same as source” in Image Frequency, it’s not validated and always come back to 24 fps. Obviously, my AVI converted file in this case has audio & video desync.

It was not the case at all with the release.

Did I miss something ?

Thanks !


Hi Alexandre,

Since your source is NTSC and is telecine encoded, DVDFab will do inverse telecine and convert it to 24 fps, to perserve the image quality and avoid jerky playback, and this should not cause A/V sync problem.

For old version of DVDFab, if you select “same as source”, DVDFab will aslo do inverse telecine too, so it’s same as new version.

Best Regards,