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here is my problem i have ripped my music library more than once 1000+ CDs using two different programs to rip it and finally using EAC with Lame but i did notice that it was alot of ware and tear on my CD drive to read all those discs. never knowing when i would want to do it again. i thought about and i use nero to burn CDs from time to time and noticed that i could use this program to put the CD image (ISO File) right on my hard drive, and from that image i could use program like ISO magic to make EAC see that image as the CD without putting a CD in my CD Drive (Less wear) and rip it from there with great speed as well.

So here is what i am looking for a program with error detection like EAC but instead of ripping the CD to MP3 or Wav i Want to save the Disc image (ISO file) straight to my Hard drive for future use at any time, Any help would be greatly appreatiated

Also please let me know if anything i said is out of order (Illegal) so i stop looking

Nero will rip to either .iso or to Nero’s proprietary image format. See “image recorder” in the help files.

Or alternatively use EAC to (using Accuraterip) rip image & CUE, compressing the audio to FLAC. This way you could have an accessible lossless archive and be able to write the disc back to CD properly.

foobar2000 will allow you to transcode from FLAC & CUE to any other format you wish to set it up for.

I use Nero to create and save the image file of an audio CD as an NRG file. Then I use Nero’s ImageDrive to mount the CD image and listen to it in lossless format. I can also rip the image file to make mp3s after I mount it with Nero ImageDrive. I have Nero 8. I think Nero removed the ImageDrive feature from Nero 9.

Not using EAC to actually extract the audio from the physical pressed CD’s essentially defeats the purpose of using a program like EAC.

EAC not only “detects” errors but will re-read (repeatedly) “problem” areas of a dammaged disc.

AFTER it has done as good a job as it can it will also “gloss over” glitches by “smoothing” the data.

If you use anything other than EAC to read the physical disc you are losing your one and only chance to “read through” any errors and thereby increasing the ammount of “glossing over” that needs to be done.

Though it should be added that other audio programs gloss over automatically, basically hiding from you how bad things really are.

Personally I like to know if a particular CD is physically dammaged.
Because if I KNOW then I can put it on my list of discs to be replaced

with HDD space as cheap as it is I’ve lost interest in FLAC.
I simply store wav+cue

I use mp3 only because when I’m mobile it is much more convenient
but even there I use the utter minimum of compression.

as for “wear and tear” on your optical drive… why do you care?

an optical drive is a tool, tools wear out, when they do you replace them.

Computers, and their components, are nothing more than complex tools for manipulating DATA.
it’s the DATA that is important, not the hardware, not even the software.

and in the end optical drives even if in perfect working order are only useful only so long as the media it’s firmware is written to work with is available.

Hey, even the continents have been recycled…