Image files to DVD?

I have some Image files and would like to burn them on a DVD so that I can play them on my DVD player. How would I do that? I have Nero 7 ultra edition would this convert these files into the Video_TS files?

Read up on video encoding… That will explain what you need to do. You need to take your file, encode it to mpeg2 format, and then burn it to dvd. It is a very complex process, and you should read up on it a bit, before jumping into it…

Image files can be made using virtually anything…videos, pictures, data, etc. If the image files are made from a dvd video, you can burn straight to a disk and have it play on a dvd player. But that is a great big IF.

VLC media player can play ISO image files of dvd-video directly. So you might test them in that first.

If they are not dvd-video, but some other type of video format, you can mount the image in a virtual drive, then convert to dvd. Nero Vision can do this conversion, but I don’t like using Nero for this. You won’t get the best quality output. But it is simple to use.

Or use IMGBurn in “write mode” and burn to disc…