Image Files don't work

Hi I’m a new user. A Seinfeld fan (T-Bone!!!) :slight_smile:

Anyway I’ve been successfully using Nero Image Drive to create CD image files and playing games with them for a while.

However, I have recently run into 2 games where image files no longer work, Virtual Resort Spring Break and Rollercoaster Tycoon 2. When I mount the image files and try to play I will get an hour glass like the program is starting and then…nothing. The desktop never even switches to any menu or anything.

All of this talk that you will always be able to play even protected games with image files I believe is now false. I think they’ve now found a way to stop this as well.

I also tried installing the game from the virtual drive and still nothing. I’ve also used Daemon Tools and Clone CD and their respective virtual drives as well with no results. The protection emulations don’t work either.

Am I doing something wrong or are game developers catching up?

Both these games use the latest versions of securom as copy protection. You can’t make a working image, except by fluke, with either nero or clonecd. Use alcohol 120% if you want to create an image to run from a virtual drive.