IMAGE file



Hello, I’d copy a dvd movie by NERO 6 onto my hard drive and it sits in the form of IMAGE file which is larger than my DVD+R blank, can somebody help me to crack this problem so i can RECODE this video so it can fit onto my blank CDR. :eek:


Get Daemon Tools. It’s a virtual drive so you mount the image & it looks as though you’ve got an extra DVD-ROM. Then just process it as a DVD.
If you get DVD Shrink it’ll do a nice job of stripping out extras & compressing the movie to fit.


I don’t think that Recode is the way to go. If the image mounts OK as a virtual drive then really the best way is to shrink it with DVD Shrink (free) or CloneDVD2 ($$). These are the 2 apps most often recommended & I use either & they are both good.