Image file seems corrupt?

i have a bin file thats 700+meg and i tried to burn it with nero and alcohol and each time it completes the burn process it states that its ok but when i explore the cd its got no files on it but it shows that there is data on the cd. I thought it might be a corrupt cue file so i tried burning it without it but i still get the same result. I then tried using utraiso to view the files within but it says that there is an error and that its an unknown image? what can i do now plz help???

What image is this? plus, what settings did you use to make the image.

Can you view the image contents using Daemon?

its a bin file and as for the settings i just left them normal when using alcohol and nero. No i havent used Daemon i used a program ultraiso which lets u view cd images whilst their still in image form