Image file for replacing hard drive



Hi, I wish to replace my hard drive with a new one, and I need a programme to image copy my c-drive incl. WinXP to an external one in that process. Could anyone help me with a link to such a programme? Thanks very much? Regards, Ole.


Freeware: Clonezilla or Driveimagexml. I’ve used both and have no preference. They work.

commercial: Acronis True Image

Also, check your hard drive manufacturer’s website. They usually offer some type of cloning software for free download.


Thanks very much. I’ve never tried to replace a hard drive before.


As reported here, DriveImage has a limitation:

Q. Can I restore the image to a smaller partition?

A. No, currently you can only restore your data to a partition that is exactly the same size or larger, regardless of the data size.

So, if the new HDD is larger than the old one, you must create first a partition of the same size of the old one to restore a backup.

Acronis has not this limitation, but too bad the price is not really wallet-friendly :doh:

I don’t know if clonezilla has this limitation too :frowning:


[QUOTE=OleBuch;2472528]Thanks very much. I’ve never tried to replace a hard drive before.[/QUOTE]

You are welcome. If you have any problems let us know, be glad to help.