Image file created to fast



I have just created a image file of a Safedisk 4.0 game (Sims2 nightlife). Using mds and the Safedisk 2/3 option with 4x speed. But to my suprise this was very fast. Normally it takes forever with the sectors up to 10000. However I am now using a different drive to read from (Plextor 708A). Have I done anything wrong (and how could the reading be so fast) ?


No you haven’t done anything wrong. It’s simply that some drives are much faster error skippers than others. Asus drives are generally the fastest (cut through them like a hot knife through butter) followed by Toshiba and Plextor drives.


Hi Philamber,

Thanks a lot.

Can not belive I have not discovered this before. There was a HUGE difference from my plextor drive to my other Liteon drive.