Image fails



im making images of my games to hard drive so i can play them from alcohol’s virtual drive. im working on Tron now. i can make a good image of disc one but when i try an do disc 2 i use normal disc for protection. i get this , disc read error at 139552,disc dumping failed, error message CIRC unrecovered error. this is a new machine i put together. i imaged two other games an they play fine, any ideas what to try to get this game image to work.
iv done an image of tron on another machine an it works.

msi kt6 motherboard, 2600xp procesor, windows xp home,
lite on 16x dvd-rom- 166, alcohol 120 retail-

thank you ned53


CIRC unrecovered error

That means there is something wrong with your disc. It may be dirty or scratched. Please clean and try again. You should also try reading it from another drive.


cleaned disc an tried again, same thing, yellow mark an read error, dump failed… put disc in lite on 52x32x52 an tried to get image an same thing… getting pissed, tried again an this time got the yellow disc read error, didnt see the disc dump fail, screen closed. so what the hell, tried to instal the game an it plays so i guess alls well. thanks ned53


Could you by any chance try another buring software (e.g CloneCD), to check that it is not a software problem?


Also, just one more thing : does it always stop at THAT sector? Or do they differ?


yes the read error failed at the same place at the end of the image.also when the progress bar an percentage counter would reach 100% done the timer counter would run for about 7 more seconds then it would give the dump failure. the disc is new an can see no spots or scratches on it.i have now made images of 4 more games an have had no problems. thanks for the ideas for what could been wrong ned53 also i have bw5 retail but dont have it instaled on other computer yet to see if same problem with disc


Is your game Tron or Tron 2.0?