Image editing software to make photos with you and distant people


Many months ago I was browsing for some new software try-outs and I came across a photo software, which makes photos say with you and friends from abroad to make it look like as if it was taken with you two together when it wasn’t in reality. Unfortunately I can’t find any and have had a search on the Internet too. Does anyone know any of these (titles of softwares which do this) and if so do you use them yourself? Are they good?

I did search on this site for them as well but found nothing.

Any help will be greatfully appreciated.

I assume you mean something like Adobe’s Photoshop.


Windows Install

I’m aware that some large powerful editing software can do it but I’m really looking for a specific software. Sometimes you’re better off going for one which can do specific tasks.

Might it be Corel Knockout?

No Corel Knockout wasn’t it but thanks anyway. I’ll no doubt find out soon anyway.