Image Data Recovery

I’m trying to recover data, JPG files, on a cd that shows up (I can see the size of each file) but is not accessible … there are a few recovery programs out there…but b4 I purchase one I’d like to know which one is the best…
…please advise…THANKS!!

Try ISOBuster?


I have used ISOBuster - which has recovered old jpegs I had on a CD, but which none of my drives would read properly.

Also BadCopy Pro is also good - and you can get a trial version to see if it will recover the files - but you have to pay for it to be able to save them!

thanks, I did try the trial version of Bad Copy … it will run and say that the file was saved…however it will not let me preview the saved file it says ‘invalid or currupt file, cannot preview’ … and I can’t save it cuz I’m using the trial version…so I don’t know if it really worked or not??

I did looked at their site…do you know if there is a $ back guarantee or trial period or anything? I’ve tried a few other companies “trial versions” and nothing will work…that why I’m afraid to buy something

I tried the Isobuster trial…it pulls up the data on the cd…does its thing with no ‘errors’ … but then at the time of preview thru MS Photo editor, an error mssg comes up that says ‘cannot determine type’
…and again, while in Isobuster, each file and file size shows up…
any ideas??

Have a look here - some free software - don’t know how good it is though.

This program recover image

dmac–my experience has been the same as yours. Once data is corrupted so that Windows cannot read it “most” recovery programs can’t recover it. Many say they have (like .isobuster and badcopy) but the recovered files don’t actually work. As a result, don’t buy any program that doesn’t have a trial period You might try Knoppix to read the cd and copy it to a hard drive or nero to make an iso image and extract from it?? Good luck, AND==let us know if you find something that works??? /// Bobbo