Image copying



ive got clone and i tried to copy a file that i put a few programmes in. but it doesnt copy the whole file it will only let you copy programmes from within the file. not the whole thing. am i doing something wrong. thanks. :bow:


Maybe I’m the only one, but I’ve no idea what you’re talking about. :confused:

Can you tell us what you’re exactly trying to do and what options you’re using, what your system specs are, hardware used, etc?


sorry Namoh what i wanted to copy was some data files i have in my documents folder. i.e i put clone dvd and clonecd and anydvd into one file. but if i click to copy it on the file it opens it up. then i have to copy each programme seperatly onto different disks. hope you understand that cheers.
p.s im using the copy from image button


clonecd doesn’t support premastering, you’ll have to look at copytodvd, nero, roxio one of the other’s.


thanks for the help