Image burns OK - Game doesn't load...?

Hi y’all,

Have a question regarding Need For Speed - Underground.

I have a backup image of the 2 CDs. I have burnt them to CD using Nero 7 with no problem.

However, when I attempt to load the game on my new computer, I get a “Cyclic Redundancy Check” error. I have attempted to download the offending file via Torrent, but the error still persists. I have tried to load the game on my PC (AMD 4200+) and my mates Lappie (Celeron M 1.6G) to no avail.

Is there a protection issue with this image, or is the one single file corrupt…? Creating another image from the original disc is not possible.

Any assistance will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


You should read the forum rules again. :smiley:

Sorry but we can’t help with illegal downloads of copyrighted material :cop:

Thread closed.