Image burning wizard

I have used alcohol 120% to successfully create an image of dawn of war winter assault. Using the iso, i can run the game with no cd. But using this image i could not burn it on a cd. When i tried, the game asked for the original disc not a back up. Help will be appreciated

Download ProtectionID, scan the disk for the protection used then use Alcohol’s native format MDF/S with the correct Datatype (as decerned by Protection ID) as ISO won’t store the protection information needed to make the backup run.

I downloaded protection id and used it, and it said there was no copyright on it, so i tried, the option general protected cd, and still didn’t work

You also need to scan the installation directory of the game.

I scaned the cd and the installed version, nothing came up

Have you tried running the image along with YASU to bypass any blacklisting of the virtual drive?