Image burning problems

Hi to every one…
I created an audio cd image on my harddrive with blindwrite, and although the audio is not protected i have problems burning it on a cd. I 've done this a thousand times before but now when the image ir recorded on my cd suddently it stops in 30% and says its finished… What could be wrong? could it be my toshiba sdr 2002 combo drive(but i ve done this before) ? is there another software which i could burn blind wrire image with?
Could it be that i ve also got other audio images on my disk?
How can i extract my image on the hard disk?
Sorry for bothering u for so long?
any kind of suggestions would be appreciated… thanx!!:bow:

If the cd isn’t protected, why not just copy it with nero or any other general burning program? Alternatively, use Exact Audio Copy, Feurio or another specialist audio program. (You do own the original, don’t you? :wink: )

If you really must burn the blindread image and can’t get blindwrite to do so, you can burn a blindread image with alcohol 120%. Alternatively, mount the image on a daemon tools virtual drive and do a cd copy with the program of your choice from the mounted image.

If you want to extract the tracks from the image, mount the image on a dt virtual drive and rip the tracks with the audio ripper of your choice (eac and feurio mentioned above are good choices though, personally, I generally use cdex for ripping).