I'm very new to the burning dvd process and need help on some basic definitions

Hello Everyone,
Alright well as I said I’m new to the burning dvds process. I need help with some things. First, what speed should I burn/copy my dvds at? (keep in mind that my main objective is to make dvd copy as perfect as dvd (clone 1:1) Secondly, what does 1:1 mean? Now I have heard of a few dvd burning programs like: DVD decrptyer, DVD Shrink, Nero, DVD Fab, etc. My question, do all these programs burn/copy with perfect original resolution, 1:1? Are any one of these programs better than the other? My most important goal, is to get as closest to the clone resolution, and price (free), as opposed to speed of burn. I don’t care about speed, or how quick it is, just clarity. Fourthly, what kind of blank dvds do I need to purchase? Like Maxwell DVD +RW? or Maxwell DVD+R or Maxwell DVD-RW or Maxwell DVD+/-R I have no idea what the +/- mean either? What size should the blank dvds be like? 5 gigs, or 10 gig, or 30 gigs, etc. Fifthly, I am using a TOSHIBA Satellite U205-S5002 laptop, with DVD SuperMulti (+/- R double layer), what exactly does this provide in features? Does this mean I can double burn something? I have no idea. How far has dvd burning technology come from DVD SuperMulti (+/- R double layer) come from the time I purchase my laptop 1.5 years ago? Sixthly, I have no idea, what to do with my saved copied movie folders/files in the “My Documents” section. Do I need to get them further decrypted, with another program? Or will one program we suffice to decrypt the AUDIO_TS/VIDEO_TS files? I open the AUDIO_TS folder in the my documents section, underneath the main movie folder, and there are no files in the AUDIO_TS? Should there be, after copying a movie? Anyways, I just don’t know what to do with the files on my computer after copying? I want to burn dvd, but the blank dvd I have says it’s not large enough for the files, however, shouldn’t some of the files download on the blank disk? I’m currently using the trial version of CloneDVD 4, free version of DVD Fab, and Burning with trail version of newest Nero, however I don’t know if I even need Nero, i have InterVideo WinDVD 2 (factory settings) on my computer, maybe I can use that instead?

Welcome to the forum, they do in clone mode!

I’m currently using the trial version of CloneDVD 4,

If you are using the product from clonedvd.net, you are making a mistake and that product is not supported by this forum. Please don’t confuse that knockoff with Slysoft’s CloneDVD which is available at the following address:


Slysoft also has a trial period.

Welcome to the forums. That is a lot of questions. By the way, it helps to break them into separate paragraphs, just for ease of reading.

[B]1. Burning speed.[/B] I looked up your laptop online, and the top burning speed for the drive is 8x for single layer dvds, and 2.4x for +R dual layer disks. To confirm that, open Nero Info tool and it will tell you the model, the current firmware, and all the types of disks this drive will burn. I normally burn to single layer disks at 8x.

[B]2. 1:1 [/B] This means a duplicate copy, exactly the same, bit for bit. Since most commercial dvds are made using dual layer dvds, you would have to copy to another dual layer disk to get a 1:1 copy if you want the entire dvd. Most of us around here cut out extras, foreign soundtracks, etc, so we don’t often do complete copies. And we normally copy to single layer disks since they are cheaper. This usually means you have to compress the movie, but not always. It depends on the size of the original and how much you want to include.

[B]3. Decryption/ripping/copying programs.[/B] Most commercial dvds have only a fairly weak protection, called CSS. All the various decryption/ripping programs can handle this. But newer protection schemes require more modern programs. DVDShrink and DVDDecrypter are no longer updated. DVDFab HD Decrypter is free and is still updated. http://www.dvdfab.com/free.htm

To reduce the size of a dvd, and to select parts you want, DVDShrink is still a good program. It is a transcoder, and will do this job quickly, but not with the absolute best quality. If you want better quality on compressed movies, I suggest using an encoder and a program called DVDRebuilder. There is a free version that includes a very good quality encoder called HC. You’ll have to decrypt and rip the dvd to the hard drive first, before using DVDRebuilder.

[B]4. Blank dvds.[/B] If you want 1:1 copies, you’ll need dual layer disks. The ONLY ones I recommend are Verbatim, made in Singapore. For single layer, look at 8x Taiyo Yuden (found in online shops like Rima.com) or Verbatim 16x.

[B]5. Your ripped files[/B]. Once ripped to the hard drive, they should be good to use with whichever burning program you prefer. I like ImgBurn personally, a free program. ImgBurn, by the way, is the most recommended program for burning to dual layer disks, because it will set the layer break correctly. Usually, you rip to an ISO, then burn with ImgBurn if going to dual layer.

The Audio_TS file should be empty, don’t worry about it.

WinDVD is a program for playing dvds on the computer, not for burning.