I'm trying to make a backup of Battlefield 1942 and nothing seems to work

Can someone please help me? I searched around but couldn’t find anything.

I’m trying to make a backup of Battlefield 1942 and nothing seems to work. I tried CloneCD and Alcohal and all the other ones to make an image. When I do it goes real slow with millions of errors. I do not have a burner on this drive so I was wondering if I could make an image ready to go for CD Space without the hassle of having to put in the battlefield cd all the time.

My CD drive is CD-ROM GCR-8520B by HL-DT-ST. Is it my driver or am I doing something wrong? Help is very much appreciated.


don`t worry coz safedisk cds do have thousands of read errors . it is normal till 11,000 sectors. if still read errors are logging in the screen after 11,000 sectors, do reduce the read speed. i am not sure weather battlefield 1942 has that protection

here is how i did battlefield 1942 no problems …


u will want to use autoplay
i wrote a tutorial there for you and otheres …also I did run into problems if you running nvidia chipset on mother board …rollback drivers to microsoft drivers …if you dont shortcut wont work but u can do autoplay …

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What protections do i use bwa files for and what the heck do they do? with blindwrite suite does it automatically apply the file or what. Can someone give me an explanation to all this or a link to some info?

PS- I dont need to no how to make a bwa- already no just in case yyou were wondering

Please Respond SOMEONE SOON!?!?

BWA is used for securom 4.7 + . With that said it is used in old blindwrite version 4. New blindwrite does not use bwa . It uses method called topology which is alot better and more precise.


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you do get thousands of read errors.

How to burn safedisc protections very quickly.

  1. use aldohol or dameon tools and under extera emulation fut a check beside bad sectors emulation MINIMISE the program.

  2. install the program. with alcohol/dameon tools minimised

  3. start the game with alcohol minimised

  4. once you get to the main menu wait 10 secs then quit the game

  5. restore alcohol and make the image as usual. it SHOULD go really fast past all the read errors. if not wait and it will go past normally. it was worth a try.

always have fast skip error blocks enabled if working with safedisc.

expect to get read errors. the burning burns the errors back onto the disc so your drive sees it as the original disc. and if possible play in a cd-rom drive so it cant detect that it is a cd-r disc.