I'm trying to Copy a bunch of CHEAP Chinese Imports

Sup guys,
I bought some chinese imports that don’t play very well on my dvd players, they skip alot but play a little better in the computer, I tried copying a few of them and then watched in my normal DVD player and VOILA! Worked GREAT.

Problem is Alot of them WON’T copy. I’m using ANYDVD (latest as of today) and DVD Decrypter, after clicking IGNORE READ ERRORS 5 times (which it takes maybe an hour to wait for it to finally pop up that many, it finally keeps oging by it’self but it get stuck. Ther are ALOT of read errors.

Does anyone know HOW I can just totaly SKIP read errors and only attemp to retry ONCE on each error with a VERY lowtimeout for DVD decryptor or what should I be using?

Tried CloneDVD and DVD SHRINK, it just cancels the whole job when it finds the first error.

For the price I paid, I can’t complain really, well I can but I’m trying to live with it by making copies and just watching those.

Anyone can help me? I don’t know what that program is called to scan and test for copy protections, can’t remember the name of it but I’ll use it and try to figure out if it’s an un-hacked encryption anydvd canNOT handle yet or what it is…

The Chinese Imports are all 8 seasons of Charmed and 7 seasons of gilmore girls.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Thread moved. You probably get more help at the Copy DVD Movie forum.

DVDDecryptor can be set to ignore all read errors, or to re-try a set number of times. Sounds like you have damaged or defective discs.

try cleaning the discs, some drives are better readers (LiteOn)

try to read it at lower speed,as my experience chinese import dvd can not handle high speed reading…

Have you tried something like ISOBuster yet?

Try ripping with DVDFab HD Decrypter to HDD, then process VIDEO_TS folder created by Fab with FixVTS> DVDshrink>IMGBurn…
If it fails,maybe next time buy home brewed DVD’s… :slight_smile:

ok thanks for all you guys advice, i downloaded the above mentioned softwares and will try them!

no more cheap imports for me, shipping is a KILLER anyways.

I fear all that will not work on those chinese (specially faked and adopted) DVDs.

try dvdfab and also download dvd region free. this will allow you to copy any dvd even from the video store.

also try ashampoo, after you export the movies to your hard drive, or just copy from dvd to dvd using it as well.

You will need to find a drive to read those discs. I wouldn’t even mess with the software…good luck superman.

Try ISOPuzzle.


Try RioDVD, it will allow you to play DVDs from any region.