Im trying to burn some avi and mgp files (home vids) to a dvd

Hi my first post and thanks for any help in advance :smiley:

ok im trying to burn some avi and mgp files (home vids) to a dvd to be watched on a player as opposed to my pc do do this im usin a program called super dvd creator 8. I have succesfully writen a couple but i come uppon problems trying to burn the .vob files of the mpg and a couple of avis. I get an error message in the program thats says something along the lines of this file is not a compatable dvd file and that i should convert it even tho I have just burns a .vob file 2 mins previously. I also tried to burn the file using nero but it says something simmela then. Thanks for your help

what are you using to convert it. you should use winavi or dvdsanta to convert and both programs should be able to burn it on a dvd. sometimes its usually the codec or soemthing but yeah try it out

ok thanks im using super dvd creator 8 to conver and burn but ill give them a try. Can any one recomend somecodecs to use as i can wach the avi so im not sure what i sould be looking for realy. thanks