I'm trying to burn copes of pc games :(

Hi, I’m new here and new to this whole cd protection thing.

I’ve been trying to burn copies of WarCraft 3, Warcraft: Frozen Throne. and Command and Conquer: Zero Hour on cd, but when I play the burned cds all I get are error messages like “Please insert cd into your CD-ROM and restart the application”, or for WarCraft 3, it just won’t start when I double click on the .exe. So what I’d like to know is what program and what kind of settings I would have to use in order to have playable copies of these games.

Thanks in advance.


A good program to use to determine the copy protection that is being used on the CD is Aray Scanner www.aray-software.com

Once you have confirmed the protection, lets say C&C which uses SD2.x, we can use CloneCD for this www.slysoft.com

Read the image file then burn it. Make sure the clonecd tray is running with Hide CD-R Media running.

I have a full tutorial of this which i wrote myself if youy would like it.


Warcraft 3 - SecuROM
Warcraft 3 : The Frozen Throne - SecuROM
C&C Generals : Zero Hour - SafeDisc 2.90.040 (Disk 1 only)

These game all require different methods of copying them. We will use Alcohol 120% for WarCraft 3 and Zero Hour, and CloneCD for The Frozen Throne.

Warcraft 3

Read settings - SecuROM new Datatype, read speed max, MDF/MDS format.

Write Settings - SecuROM new Datatype.

Command And Conquer Generals - Zero Hour

Read Settings - NOTE: These settings will differ for different burners.

Read with the SafeDisc 2/3 Datatype. MDF/MDS Datatype. Let the error’s pass, and they will soon end and they are normal for SafeDisc protected CDs.

Write Settings - SafeDisc(0 or 1 sheep burners), SafeDisc 2/3(0 or 1 sheep burners. Post your burner and we can help more:).

More concise tutorial here :slight_smile:

Warcraft 3 : The Frozen Throne

Tutorial here:slight_smile:

Use Alcohol’s Ignore Media Type setting or CloneCD’s Hide CDR Media settings if playing any of them on a burner.

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Yes but does YOURS have pictures? Does YOURS have it for CloneCD, Alcohol 120% and BlindWrite? Does YOURS have one for 0/1 sheep and one for 2 sheep?

Warcract III = good
Frozen Throne = good
Twinpeaks method = GOOOOD!

BW4/5 + Plex Premium = Excelent :slight_smile: