I'm tired of this. I need the ultimate DVD Burner

After going through 3 low brand DVD Writers… I’m tired. I’m looking for the right one. I’m looking for one that can backup my PS2, Xbox 360, and Gamecube games… correctly.

I don’t own a 360 yet, but the one I am getting will be a Hitachi, so I think that the laser is picky on the media.

My gamecube has a pot adjustment with a viper gc in it, and I know its good, the games that I burnt load up for a split second, and that’s all. It pisses me off. I haven’t yet successfully backed up a gamecube game.

Right now, I am using LITE-ON DVDRW SHW-160P6S, and it doesn’t even support Booktype burning (I had Verbatim DVD+R DL) I don’t think, So I couldn’t really backup up God Of War… :sad:

And I noticed, I’m going to need something something that can booktype DVD+R DL, High Rate of Gamecube burns, and something that has a great rate of Xbox 360 backups.

Again, I know that my gamecube is good, I tried adjusting the pot a million times, got it, and my games boot up with DRE’s, so I obviously know that the burn was sorry with the current burner I use now, the LITE-ON DVDRW SHW-160P6S.

Okay, so that’s all I’m asking for. A burner that can book type, can burn double-layer, booktype DVD+R DL to whatever the Xbox 360 reads, and good Gamecube Burning rate. BTW, I use authentic RiDATA Ritek G04 Disc for my gamecube backups, and I purchased them from Newegg. I ask that the new drive I am purchasing is available on Newegg also.

Is there also a chart somewhere showing results of LITE-ON DVDRW SHW-160P6S burns for different backups or something? I remember a gamecube site that showed results with Ohm settings, Bios used, and media, but I forgot. Sorry for being a n00b about the situation.

Thanks everyone for all the information. Alot.


I’ve used both my Benq 1650 and LG 5163d for my PS2 backups and haven’t had any problems at all.

But seeing as you’re looking to backup Xbox 360 games (which are stored on Dual/Double Layer media), then you’re probably going to want one of the newer DVD Rewriters that support high speed DL burns. Unfortunately, I can’t help you there.

Also, you might wanna bin those Ritek discs. They’ve got a reputation for being unreliable.

Hey, how much do those 2 writers run in price? And also, RiDATA Ritek disc are said to be the best brand for gamecube backups… (I’m talking Verbatim for PS2 backups though.

And I mean, you never tried to back up God of War without using the DVD5 method have you?

Thanks Soneman.


The drive [B]does [/B]support booktyping for all +R/+RW media.

Benq 165x series is running out, price depends on the location you are living. Philips DVDR-1660K is the same hardware (crossflashing to Benq 1650 is possible) and available for about 40 € in Germany. LG 5163 is the external version of 4163B, which is no longer available (unless some shop has old stock of these). Successor is GSA-H10x or H12x series. Price is also at about 40 € here, depending on the shop.


Thank you. I decided I’m just going to go out and buy a Pioneer DVR-111d I think it was, but I’m going to keep looking around though… Thanks. :slight_smile:


so… any luck with that DVR-111D ? I’m in the exact same boat as you except I can get my Gamecube to boot Ritek G05 but not G04 or Taiyo Yuden TYG02… In fact, when I try burning the mini DVD-R it gets all the way to the leadout, makes clicking noises and craps out. I’m sure its the burner. which is a LiteOn SOHW 1693S. The “S” must stand for sucks :wink: I’d really like to know what burner is best… it seems the NEC 35xx are sold out or discontinues… I heard the Pioneer 109, 110 were good… so how is the 111D ???

My Gamecube with Qoob SX didn’t liked Verbatim 16x DVD-R unknown dye but takes Ritek G04 and G05 burned with others and my LG GMA-4020b (2x DVD-R) burner without and pot tweaking.

But the Gamecube is very picky about media and the only media which I’ve understood that it might accept is the Riteks and maybe Fujifilm (aren’t those Taiyo Yuden?)

However I’ve read that Ritek G05 media age fast and I would like to get Taiyo Yuden media, I would also want to get the burner which makes the best burns and therefor I was looking for the Pioneer DVR-111d with TYG02 media, but I have no idea if that will work in the Gamecube? I can’t find anyone which have tested Taiyo Yuden media on it.

I then read an article about discs where the author suggested getting Taiyo Yuden DVD+R media instead, I mailed him about what drive he suggested and he recommended the Plextors.

So now I’m stuck, I think I’ll order say 200 T003 discs and see if they works or not, but what burner shall I get? The DVR111D, the PX-755 or the PX-760? The second one is just a little more expensive, the PX-760 is quite much more expensive but I don’t care if the quality of the burned disc are better.

I doesn’t matter if the discs are Ridata or not, my Riteks have been Fortis, Traxdata, Datasafe and just blank ones, a friends mini Riteks was Ridata to. He then bought some Ri… whatever, without knowing that they had Ritek dye and of course they don’t work good on his cube.

There is also a chip out there which is supposed to read more brands, don’t ask me how it works.

Isn’t the NEC drives supposed to make not so good burns? (Atleast from what I’ve understood from cdrinfo)

Therefor I would go with the Pioneer, if Plextor isn’t better, something I would like to find out before I buy :wink: