I'm tired of these random lockups

I have the latest version of CloneDVD, I use it with latest AnyDVD. I have both programs installed on 3 different computers. It works PERFECTLY on 2 of my PC, but on one of them, I get random lockups almost all the time. Sometimes during reading, sometimes during writing. I am using the original firmware the drive came with. The PC was running XP Home SP1, and I recently installed a FRESH XP Pro SP2. Same problem occurs. My burner is a Lite-On SOHW-1633S.

Any ideas would be lovely!

What type of IDE cables do you use? Did you install IDE drivers for your Motherboard, and if yes, which one?


I am using the standard IDE cables that came with the motherboard. I installed the VIA Driver package. I do this on all of my PCs. Like I mentioned before, my other PCs work just fine with CloneDVD & AnyDVD.

Do you have any bundled software running in the background i.e. sonic, roxio, etc…? I had the same problem until I went through my pc and disabled all the shitty software running in the background.

There’s nothing running that I don’t have running already on other systems as well.

Even when I disable programs such as McAfee, SpySweeper, etc, it still happens. It’s just on THIS PC.

Whats your Motherboard make and model? When you say lockups do you mean you just get the deadly freeze and forced reset? Is there anything of help in your event logs?

MSI KTV400-L is the model #.

And yes, I do mean the deadly freeze & forced reset. Complete & utter lock up. It’s bad enough when it happens during the reading of a DVD, but when it happens during a write process, and makes me waste a disc, I want to smash the PC to pieces. :slight_smile:

are there any devices in device manager that are showing a problem?

Nopes. I’ve checked all of the ‘obvious’ things like that. :wink:

I know almost nothing about DVD burning tools, but I know that back when I had freezes and reboots for no reasons, it was faulty RAM, if I remember well. Maybe it might be worth looking into that?

@ Copy Lord

To amplify on Forum Member Lava above comment your problem could also be a symptom of a defective hard drive.

There is a software utility program called PassMark Burn In Test (http://www.passmark.com/products/bit.htm) that will test your system hardware componets “under stress” to ensure that all components are working correctly. I am quite sure that there are also other similar software utility programs available.

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Thanx, bjkg. I’ll give that a try.

Have you tried defragging? Have you tried burning at a lower speed?