I'm thinking of purchasing a DVD Recorder

I’m thinking of purchasing a DVD Recorder in the $114.00-$331.00 range. My DVD Recorder choices are: Lite-On DD-A100GX, Panasonic DMR-ES15S or Panasonic DMR-ES25S, Insignia NS-DVDR1, Magnavox MWR10D6, Sylvania SV2000 (WV10D6 at Wal-Mart) and the Toshiba D-RW2. What brands are good for copying video Files (Youtube, Google,etc) from the Internet? I plan to get a DVD Recorder for my 42 birthday December 6. I’m a freelance videographer/Archaeologist!

I purchased a Panasonic DMR-ES25S DVD Recorder. Across the aisle from the Panasonic DVD Recorder at Circuit City was a GoDVD Sima CT-200. I wasn’t even searching for it. It was a nice surprise on my 42 birthday! Thanks for the B-Day Greetings CD Freaks!

Awesome! So you got BOTH the DVD recorder AND the Sima CT-200! You are all set!


I have the same combo and they work great. :cool:

Beardekirklander: Nope, I saw the GoDVD Sima CT-200. I didn’t get it.

Oh, I’m sorry. I hope you can save up for it and get it. It is absolutely worth it if you have a lot of commercial VHS content that you wish to record onto DVD.

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The Sima makes the ES15/25 even more usefull.

I wonder if I should buy a 2nd one just to be safe. But I guess the Sima CT-200 will probably last forever. No moving parts, etc. eh?

Go with Pioneer DVD/VHS Recorder that way you can always convert any VHS movies you can’t find in DVD platform into DVD by dubbing.

Hard to beat this with the Google checkout $110: http://www.buy.com/prod/Panasonic_DMR_ES15S_DVD_Player_Recorder_DVD_RAM_DVD_R_RW_DVD_R_RW_DVD/q/loc/17658/202637735.html
I’m not sure about the ES15, but I have the ES10 (the ES15 is supposed to be better) and I don’t need the Sima with it. I copy HBO, Showtime whatever without a problem.

Hi… I have a Zenith XBR616 (DVD recorder/VCR combo) and just received my Sima GODVD today. I am trying to hook it up - do I necessarily have to have a separate VCR or DVD Player or can I hook up the GODVD to my combo unit or Cable box? I have been trying different cable hook ups (not s-video cables) but no luck. When trying to record, I am still getting copy-protected. Please… any help would be greatly appreciated.

(I’m new to all of this, so I apologise for multiple listings) :slight_smile:

It depends on what you’re trying to record, marianne0064. I have a Sima that I use to record copy protected satelite programing on a Toshiba DVR and dub VHS tapes from a separate VCR. Just keep in mind that Sima needs to be installed between the program source and the recording device. It will not work with a combo unit unless it is installed between the video output of the VCR and video input of the DVR.
Hope this helps.


I want to use the SIMA mainly to record from HBO, etc and also to copy old Disney VCR tapes before they get too bad to watch. Other than that, I was going to use the DVR to copy all of my family’s VCR tapes & camcorder tapes to DVD.

You state that my combo unit won’t work unless SIMA is installed between the video output of the VCR and video input of the DVR. I’ve attached a picture (not very good, sorry) of the back of my DVR/VCR combo - which output/inputs do I use? Also, I suppose I need either a VCR/DVD or Camcorder as my playback output hookup - therefore I cannot use the cable box - is this correct?? Or since I have a combo unit, I MUST install as you stated above?

I appreciate any advice you can give me.

O.K. A couple of things. First you don’t need the SIMA unit to copy your family tapes from a camcorder. Simply connect the video and audio outputs (yellow, white and red RCA cables) from the camcorder to the video/audio inputs of your DVR. Your picture is far too blurry to tell which is which so just consult the owners manual. To record from cable, plug the video/audio outputs from the cable box to the inputs of the SIMA, then connect another set of cables from the SIMA’s outputs to the inputs of the DVR. You can’t copy protected VHS content with a combo VCR/DVD Recorder. Use a stand alone VCR with the SIMA installed as with the cable box.
If all this fails read the instruction manuals that came with your equipment. Most people use this only as a last resort!
Good Luck.

Thank you Steve,

You stated “You can’t copy protected VHS content with a combo VCR/DVD Recorder. Use a stand alone VCR with the SIMA installed as with the cable box.” … So in order to copy Disney’s VCR tapes to DVD, I would need a stand alone VCR to SIMA to a stand alone DVR AND/OR To copy something from HBO, I would need my cable box to SIMA to a stand alone DVR, correct? I’m sorry for going back and forth… you’ve been a great help :slight_smile:

PS. I just purchased S-video cables - do I really need these? Or will the regular ones work just as good?

Yes to your first question, although “stand alone DVR” isn’t necessary, you can use the combo unit you have now to record from a cable source, you just can’t record from the built in VCR of the combo unit to the DVD recorder if the tapes are copy protected with “macrovision”. This is where the SIMA comes in. Use a seperate VCR as the source for comercial tapes.
I use S-video cables whenever possible but they are not strictly necessary. They usually provide an increase in video signal quality but this wouldn’t always be significant in the case of VHS’s low resolution.
Hang in there and you’ll get this sorted out. We all started somewhere.

I have 53 VHS movies my Panasonic ES25S cannot record due to the built in Copy protection. Some movies that I have copied from DVD to VHS and VHS to VHS cannot be copied by my DVD Recorder.

That is what the Sima CT-2 or CT-200 is for.

Or the Dimax Grex

Hi All…

Ok, I had a DVR/VCR combo and returned it because that wouldn’t work with my SIMA GoDVD - so I purchased a stand alone Panasonic DMR-ES15 and need help trying to hook up the new recorder, SIMA, stand alone DVD Player, stand alone VCR and cable box. The instructions that came with the DMR-ES15 say to hook the cable from the wall directly into the recorder instead of into the cable box. I am very confused now, because the salesperson at BestBuy just said to hook up the cable (wall) to the cable box, then to the VCR to SIMA and finally to the Recorder (I haven’t even tried adding the DVD player into the mix yet). When doing this, the TV works, but I can’t even get the recorder to setup…what am I doing wrong? If I connect everything per the DMR instructions, will that work with my SIMA? Also the instructions state that if my TV doesn’t have A/V connections I need a RF modulator - do I really need this too?

Many thanx!!!