I'm thinking of buying one of these DVD recorders



I’m in the market to buy a DVDR and I did a bit of reaserch and found these 3 models that would fit my needs (below). I want to be able to play region free DVDs, able to record from my TV, VCR and DVD (including copy righted or macrovision).
Looks like the lite-on 5005 would be a good device to do all of that using the hacked firmware.
Also, the yamakawa DVR 628 is region and macrovision free (was told that by their tech support).
Also, I just found a great deal on the lite-on LVC 9006 (DVDR + VCR) combo for 250 us dollars. But I’m not sure if there are any hacks to make it macrovision and region free.
250 dollars is my range for buying this device.
I would appreciate any help in deciding which unit to buy.
Thanks a lot.



You can pickup the NEC 3500/3520 at CompUSA for $50 after rebate!


@furballi: He didn’t mention anything at all about a PC DVD Recorder. He wants a stand-alone device.

@andy2005: I’d recommend taking a look at the stand-alone devices forum. I’m not up on these devices but the Lite-On 5005 has a very big thread on it in there and they run the gambit on that discussion apparently. Anyway, may be worth the read to see what everyone says about various units. :slight_smile:


Thanks. Sorry for posting in the wrong forum.


No problem, this is “General” Hardware so not really a wrong forum especially since the Stand-Alone forum is a bit down on the list of forums so it’s easily missed sometimes. :slight_smile:


I have two Yamakawa DVR-628 recorders, one of which I have owned for a year and its power supply died a few weeks ago. I was VERY fortunate to find another 628 on eBay – I say “fortunate” because Yamakawa USA is no longer in business. Their main factory in Germany, however, is, but all the products they produce are for the European market. BTW, Yamakawa of Germany has a 63% market share of DVD recorders sold in Europe.

If I am able to find a replacement power supply for my first 628, I’ll be putting it up for sale.

Why do I like the 628? Well, it is the ONLY dvd recorder that I have seen (and actually used) that has component inputs with NO restrictions on the material it can copy. Basically, I have never met a DVD that the 628 could not copy (and it copies them very well). The 628 write to DVD+R/RW, but can read any disk format.

However, since the 628’s are no longer for sale in the US, my second choice of recorder, with low cost being a consideration, would be either the Toshiba DR-4 (which I also own), the Pioneer DVR-233S, or one of the RCA 8000 series (like the 8005N, 8040N, or 8060N. The 8060N has a Commercial Skip feature that automatically eliminates commercials from your recordings).

Inexpensive (aka, cheap) DVD recorders to avoid like the plague are those made by Lite-On, Emerson, Cyberhome, Ilo, and Phillips/Magnavox.

If you can afford to spend between $200 and $300 on a recorder, then, I would recommend one with a built-in hard drive like the Toshiba RD-XS32 can be bought on Ebay for around $180-$200. Also, I would recommend the Pioneer 531H: new units are readily available on eBay for around $275 or less.

Although some Panasonic DVD recorders are all right, I would steer clear of Panasonic DVD recorders that come with hard drives. From all that I have read, users have had more problems than the other brands.


Do LG sell the RH 7500/7800 in the us? if so they are worth considering.



If anyone wishes to sell their Yamakwa DVR-628, even if it no longer works, let me know.

I need one that has a working power supply – thus, I do not care about any other functions.



The power supply in my 628 also died a couple of weeks ago. I opened it, and notice a cap had blew off. I replaced the cap, using an old soldering iron and it worked! Amazing but true story. The power supply looks actually pretty old-fashioned, and in this case this worked in my favor. Let me know if you want to try something like this. I don’t check this forum often, so you can contact me at coelhojr@pacbell.net.

BTW, is it possible to finalize a DVD+R disk in it? How is it done? The manual is awful!

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