I'm Such An Idiot



Went to CC the other day to get some Nexxtech DVD+R cuz they were on sale and I had a lot of shit on my mind (various things/problems) and ended up buying a 50 pack of CD-R’s instead. Anyhows, later that night I open the spindle and realize what I’ve done, turns out I can’t return them since they’re already open. MID is Plasmon, seen some tests on them and they seem alright, has anyone ever had problems with these CD-R’s and also anyone got any similar stories like mine? LOL BTW Nexxtech DVD+R and CD-R spindles look exactly the same. Looks like OM has a sale on Verbatim DVD+R so I’m gonna stock up on some so I feel a lil’ better now.


That sucks! Dunno about plasmon. I hardly use CD-R these days so that would have pissed me off heaps :stuck_out_tongue:


All you can do is hope that whoever used the Plasmon stampers used them properly. :bigsmile:


I don’t mistake DVDs for CDs, but I do buy much more than I usually anticipate only to find out I bought more than what I needed… :doh: :stuck_out_tongue:

The act of putting them all together on the media shelves calms me down after… It’s like staring at a huge stack of gold… :smiley:


You lucked out. The NexxTech DVDs would have been much worse.


LOL, yeah, they were going to be my ‘give away to nagging neighbors/friends media’.