I'm such a noob at DVD burners - plz help

Hello everyone, this is my first post on this forum. sry for the noobotry

I really want to get a DVD burner now, but I don’t want an expensive one so I’ve been looking through the 60-80$ range drives. I was set on getting a Lite-On 812S but now that I’ve read a few more reviews and some posts on the Lite-On forums, I have decided against that. I heard the 2510 was just about the same price and performed better but I dont see any threads here about em.

I don’t really care about DL tech as the media for it is extremely sparse and expensive and I just dont have any use for DL dvds. I want to be able to burn at 8X, which all the drives I’ve been looking at SUPPORT but I see that firmware has to be hacked/updated to actually burn 4X media at 8X. This really confuses me but oh well. What I’m wanting to do mainly with my DVD burner, is be able to rip my movies and make copies, as well as be able to burn images. The whole +/- deal has me confused also. Most of the images I see are done with -R and I dunno what I’d have to burn my ripped DVD movies on. I will most likely buy some RiData 4x dvd-Rs to go with the burner i get since I’ve heard decent things about the media. Please any help would be appreciated.

Hello, DarkDonut welcome to CDFreaks. :slight_smile:

The NEC fourms discuss the 2510 extensively.

wow that’s really wierd I thought i posted this in the NEC forum hehe. that’s what i get for having more than 1 forum window open :slight_smile: