I'm still a little confused about the different Ritek DVD-R packages

What are the exact differences between these three:

Ritek DVD-R Red/White wrapped - $42.99

Ritek DVD-R Ridata Purple Spindle - $30.00

Ritek DVD-R Silver Matte Top - $35.00

I’ve seen conflicting reports on various message boards, like the silver matte top possible being grade B because it didn’t have the Ridata name on the disc and the edges didn’t look uniform, and I’ve also heard that the purple spindle may be RMA discs from OfficeMax. I just would like a definitive answer :slight_smile:

There is no deffinitive answer.
I would stick with the Ridata brand from a reputable seller. Looks like NewEgg is selling the same thing, if the photo is accurate.

Or go with Maxell or TY -R media.

Is the red and white wrapped the best? These go on Newegg for a bit more than the silver matte top and the purple Ridata spindle, but they don’t have one bad user review on Newegg, and I’ve heard a few people mention that the red and white was the older packaging type and still contains the best discs.