I'm sticking with Maxell

I’ve been using Maxell DVD-Rs (MIJ MXL RG03) for a while with no problems. But I was rather dissapointed when the MIT Ritek G05s came out due to the mixed reviews they were getting. Tried searching for the MIJs to no avail. Then I was at Wal-Mart and found 100 Maxell DVD+Rs MIJ Maxell 002. Decided to give them a try and they’re great. So now I’m a - to + convert. Should I no longer am able to find the MIJ +Rs what are the Maxell DVD+R MIT like?


Maxell MIT DVD+R is RITEK R03 or RICOHJPN R02. Ritek can be pretty variable, Ricoh is generally safe. Maxell 002 seems to be the most common, though. If Wal-Mart lets you down, Staples stocks all kinds of Maxell media as well.

If you have a problem, Maxell stands behind their product (whomever the manufacturer may be). They won’t send you a prepaid mailer like some but they will compensate you for the postage by giving you some extra discs. Which is perfectly fine with me. Make sure you send back any media that didn’t work out for you so they know that lot may be a problem. They can’t improve if they don’t get the bad discs back. This is in the USA, not sure about coverage in other countries.
No problems here with MXL RG03 or Ritek G05 (I’m a -R guy). Just finished 100 RG03s and 50 G05s. Very few problems. A great buy when on sale.

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I have to assume these are pricey with Maxell on the label. Have you considered TY +R. Almost no one here has anything bad to say about them and they are generally available online for about $40 delivered per 100.

TY is supreme, however the Maxell can often be found for well under $35/100pk on sale. That’s the only time I buy them. Plus, you have the return coverage (if you mess up a lot of blanks).


I have 100 MXLRG03 that I bought on sale at Office depot and I was thrilled when I bought them. They burned at 16x on my Nec 3540 and I thought I was getting a real deal. At that time I had yet to try Taiyo Yuden +8x media Yuden000-T02-000. Now I only use the Yudens, the Maxells are just in my closet for testing purposes. With all the new DVD standalones being + compatible and being able to Booktype my DVD+ media I see no use for Maxell dash media anymore.

The RG03 worked for you though, right? I’m reading your post as saying they work fine, but you now prefer +Rs for some reason. I mean, if both work in all of your drives/standalone DVD players (or whatever else you’re using them for) then what’s the diff?


Maxell DVD+R RICOHJPNR02/R03 are extremely rare now - if you find them they are mostly old batches. It is mostly RITEKR03 now (particularly for spindles of 50 and 100), and in some cases you will find some MAXELL002 in spindles of 100…

Either way they are both good IMO.

Rumour has it that they will be using Taiyo Yuden dyes ? I’d doubt it though but we’ll see…