Im sorry to ask this....but...what should i buy

I have been reading for a while but im still confused as to what to buy… it seems that the market is different from the old cdrw days…where one drive was clearly better than the other…

Im in the UK… and im looking for a drive that will backup dual layer movie discs and burn dvd rips that i download from torrent sites…
Although backing up games for pc will be handy as well… i cant seem to find a retailer for Benq over here…

offer the nec 3550 and the 4550 at the same price…so no idea what the difference is as well as the liteon and lg ones…

I think you just said every thing!!!
The latest NEC, Liteon, LG, Benq are all very good drives!!! Any of them will match your requirement.
It would have been different if you had DVDram, bitsetting, scanning, lightscribe, overburning, solidburn … requirement!

I have found a supplier in the Uk finally for the Benq 1640…

after reading about bitsetting i would like that option does the benq 1640 support that?

All good!

Yes it certainly does.

Too bad that posters are embarassed to ask which drive to buy. It is not a simple question and I can well remember years ago having no clue regarding most of the things we now accept as common knowledge, not to mention how to find the answers.

Maybe the forum needs a section just for this question. At least all the answers will be in one place. :slight_smile:

I remember in the old days to copy cd’s you really needed a plextor…seems so different now. Plus there are sooooo many drive technologies to understand them all is a full time job…

I have decided i think DVD RAM is what i want to…so i think this rules out the bENQ 1640 which i was set on orginally…

what would you recommend? :bow:

So i want bitsetting/dvd ram

Currently, there are a lot of manufacturers who are adding RAM discs support so I would wait. Pioneer has the 110 (NOT the 110D), LG has a very good drive in the 4163, and NEC has the 4550 coming as well. I would expect Liteon has something in the works as well. BTW, DVD RAM doesn’t bitset. It needs a player specifically designed for RAM if it is going to be played off computer, and most computer RAM writing is not readable on players.

If you need something now, the LG 4163 is you only real choice and that drive does a very good job with TYG02 ( see my scan below). Id doesn’t scan, rip, or do bitsetting very easily or for +RW at all.

I would wait for the NEC 4550.

Or he can get the Pioneer a 110D, and crossflash it to a 110! however voiding his warranty :smiley:

Pioneer only seems to do a very good burn with MCC 003, so you might want to wait as I suggested.

Last I read the 110D was not crossflashable. Nice to hear that that obtacle has been overcome.

Yup, with the release of DVRflash 2.2, the 110D can now write dvd-ram or bitset (two different fw’s), I don’t think it can do both yet. :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile:
eric93se is right about the Pioneer 110D you can either crossflash to a 110 which will give you RAM write as well as read, or flash to Buffalo 822 which gives you bitsetting but no RAM write. Both of the Pioneer’s are available in the UK. As is Nec’s 4550 which with Liggy & Dee’s f/w( :bow: ) gives you both RAM read/write & bitsetting. All three are around the same price.
Nec’s 4550 a couple of pounds cheaper at SVP

cheers i think ill get the NEC 4550 then…

When you say waiting for the 4550 does that mean its not released yet in the US?

Right…still waiting.

The 3550 is available here in the US of A, at Newegg for roughly the same price as other mainstream drives (+/- $40). And it is possible to crossflash the 3550 to the 4550, although Liggy is still perfecting the software necessary for that job. I have tested an early version of his software, and my 3550 is now a 4550 and burns DVD-RAM just fine.

If you’re not in a hurry, it might be better to wait for the 4550, but in reality no one knows when (or even if) the 4550 will be available here. The OP (original poster) is in the UK, and I believe the 4550 has been available there for some time.

If you do not have any real need for DVD-RAM, I would recommend the Benq 1640.