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greetings freak gods :bow:
im that new im not sure if im posting this in the rights place.
i have a sony nd2510a dvd burner, purchased from dabs. it didnt come with software or the idiots guide on how to use. a mate fitted it and it was reconised immediately, allowing what appeared to be a read only capability.
i got my hands on dvd shrink and away i went. i have managed to get the dvd film into file format on the hard drive but thats where the problems started. with nero ultra 6 i tried to burn the film to dvd-rw and dvd-r discs. each time i tried to burn a box pops up saying ‘this is not a writable cd’ and ejects it. slap it back in and then it tells me the disc is full, despite being purchased yesterday, and wants to re-write it. press ok and we then go round in circles until the disc tray is again auto popped :frowning:
a chap at work suggested ‘no driver’. numpty searched the net to find the lovelly people at NEC had one. press the go button to find i’d just ‘flashed ???’
anyone point me in the right direction, in child speak please !!!

once the nd2510 is put in on the computer it is recognized imediatly by the computer, (i’m assuming you are using windows). So, click on Start, point to Nero and you should have Nero Toolkit and inside there Nero Infotool. That will allow you to know the capabilities of you drive. To burn a DVD, start opening the Nero program and try first to erase your DVD-RW, then burn the files created by DVDShrink, remember that on a DVD you should have two folder AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS, the first one should be empty, on the other one you should put all the files you got with DVD Shrink. It could behapening that you have bad media too!!

your wonderful. ill start there. i am on xp by the way

tried an erase of the disc. same problem of of going around in cicles with this disc is not writeable. tried different media. same fault. is nero corrupt ??
nec is showing as secondary ide channel, master dma and autorun on

Do you have a nforce mainboard?
If yes, deinstall the nforce ide drivers. I had exactly the same problem with a pc from a client.
Just use the standard microsoft drivers, they are just as fast.

If you do not have a nforce mainboard, i would suggest reinstalling the latest nero version.

The configuration seems ok. you can try a different software, I personally use RecordNow DX 4.6. I used Nero for so many years but it was unable to burn with some media, while with RecordNow DX I can burn perfectly. Try to use CopyToDVD and check if it does the same, if it does it is quite possible that your burner is “burned”.
Can you check one thing, what version of Nero are you using? 6.XXXX? Are you choosing DVD or you leave the CD? The program lets you choose if you want to record a CD or a DVD, are you choosing right? Just make sure…

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you people are fantastic !!!

thanks for your help. a combination of both of your suggestions has got me setting fire to the discs.

theres no holding back now. thanks very much.

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