I'm so frustrated! What DVD Recorder/Player do I want?

We have purchased 3 or 4 inexpensive dvd players and can’t find any that are really compatible with playing DVD +R +RW that we’ve burned on the computer. We are ready to spend more money but are tired of returning players. At this point we’d like to get a recorder/player. I’ve been trying to read reviews but I think I’d rather have input from experienced users. Can you direct us to a good unit?

If you have bought 3 or 4 recent players and they won’t play the disks you are burning on your PC, I suggest you might want to look at the way you are burning them. Almost all recent players should play all -R/-RW/+R/+RW.

Perhaps if you detail your disk creation process we may be able to offer some tips as to how it may be improved? And if you tell us which players you have tried them with?

Even the £19.97 portable player I bought from Asda plays all recordable disks I have made.


I’ll ask my boyfriend to detail the burning process since he does it.

Some will play fine. Others will play so far in then lock up. We have sent disks to his sister and they play fine in her machine. Most of them play fine in my sister’s machine (we can’t find her model for sale anymore).

I think we’ve had an Apex, Orion, currently a Sansui and we bought an ILO yesterday but its going back after reading the stuff I found online. It had the same problem anyway.

So we want to buy a better brand obviously because these cheapies aren’t cutting the mustard. I also want to be able to convert my VHS tapes to DVDs so that’s why I want a recorder/player instead of just player.

Our DVD burning process is like this. Decrpytion is completed using a program called “DVD Decrypter”. Protection is disabled and files ( I believe they are ISO’s) are sent to a designated folder in my hard drive. Once all files are completed, the next step is compressing them to fit on a disc. That program is called DVD2ONE (v1.4.0). It takes the ISO’s and compresses them to fit on a blank dvd. Prior to starting the process, you select whether you want the complete disc (extras, chapter menu’s. etc) or movie only. I always select movie only. Once compression is done, the disc is burned using COPYTODVD. The whole process usually takes about 4 hours per movie.

what disks are you using ? good quality or bargain basement ? Have you tried any different brands ? You say most paly fine in your sisters machine. These days ALL disks should paly fine in all new machines … so excluding the burn process for the momement it might just be the disks. If you have friend who use different brands perhaps you could “borrow” a few for testing purposes.

As far as burning goes my preference would be to use DVD Decrypter to burn the ISO

Wow four hours, what type of computer do you have. If it is something fairly recent you should not be taking that long.

Here is my point of view for ya

If you are burning to a single layer dvd, and say as an example you are stripping out everything except the movie.

Use AnyDVD to strip protections

Use Dvdshrink or Nero Recode both of these will allow you to reauthor the dvd so you can fit it on a single layer disc be it one or two depending on how big the movie is. Allow the software to save the image in Video_ts and Audio_ts folders (This process should only take about 10mins if that)

Burn the image files with nero. (This process should only take about 20 to 30 mins)

If your movie is small enough to fit it all on a single layer then use AnyDVD to strip protections

Use DVD Decrypter to create iso image to the desktop. (This should take about 10mins ) Then use DVD Decrypter to burn the image to the disk ( This should take about 20-30 mins )

Now about the issues you have with your dvd players, try using DVD-R media when your burning to single layer dvd’s or look into changing the booktype of the DVD+R to DVD-ROM. This is if your burner supports Booktyping.

All times are approx. Dependant on what speeds you choose. :cool: :cool:

hum. i know this sounds really stupid and after reading all the technical indications you’ve received i feel my post will sound even more stupid. but here it goes anyways.

are you sure your problem is about the dvd players you bought or the type of disks you burn? because sometimes it’s a much simpler problem: format. maybe you’re burning them as divxx files or wmv files, when your players will only play mpeg files, so you need to convert them into mpeg-4 format, which is the one that dvd players read nowadays.

Some DVD players with still have issues when it comes to reading +R media types, That why I suggested trying -R or changing the booktype to DVD-ROM there will be a better chance of sucess, try it and see if you have better results.

At this stage of the game, there is no sense in telling you to go buy a brand named dvd player, unless you have extra cash to blow. The new format DVD players will be flooding the market in 2006, be it HD-DVD or Blue-Ray. Yes I know, you will have two different formats. Now the question will be if the new dvd players with play their standalone format, will they play both formats, and will they be backwards capable of playing the old dvd format. You can see where it is going. (Beta,VHS all over again) :cool: :cool:

Agree about mpeg but I would have said that 99% of players today still only accepted mpeg -2. Very few players yet able to play mpeg 4 ?

His computer is pretty new… right around a year old.

I’ll let him read this and see what he says. I think we may have bought cheap dvds though.

To catch up on this thread:

delldell56: No, you’ve got it wrong I’m afraid. The players Daethian has had are not MPEG4 players, and DVD players play MPEG2, not MPEG4, unless they are also marketed as MPEG4 players, which as HarrySmith says, are the minority.

Daethian, your backup process seems fine to me, although you could do all processes with most disks using just DVDShrink - if you have Nero installed DVDShrink can use that to burn your disk too, so if you have a DVD reader and a DVD burner in the PC you can put the original DVD in the reader and a blank in the burner and basically set it going and leave it, and come back to a finished disk.

Try buying some RICOH or MCC coded disks, these are high quality so if you can’t make a disk that’s readable by your players with those, that rules out disk quality as a possible problem. If you download and install DVDInfoPro you can use that to identify the dye type on the disks you have been using, if you report that back to us we can advise on whether they are any good or not.


We bought a Lite On burner/player last night and put in a disk we have had issues with before and it played fine. Would this mean we could use the same burn process we’ve been using? We have Nero but not with DVDShrink so far as I know but we only have one DVD drive on the PC.

Thanks for the detailed instructions on this. I’m going to see if he’ll let me give this a shot using your method and see what happens. We are fairly new to this so all the help is appreaciated.

My DVD-RW’s are not rewriting - I figured they were protected when I got the message invalid disc and insert another one -I had gone the erase route - so with another disk in, I wanted to delete via thumbnail screen - showed delete frame - and did not finalize - to see what would happen - it still took up the space and would not rewrite - All I want to do is record a half an hour program during the week - -I just wanted something easy as a break from a technical full time job - My recorder is only one month old - - 4angel@olg.com

Please don’t post -RW problems in the +R/+RW forum, particularly so in hijacking an unrelated thread. You have related your experience in the LiteOn and the Newbie forums, so look there for advice.

As a general point, at least structure your enquiries into a form that people can understand, otherwise you’ll get very few replies.

I tried the recommended steps with DVD Shrink etc…and the dvd doesn’t play.

I suggest you read Loob’s last post, particularly the advice about posting disc information (DVDInfoPro can be found here). Also, telling us what make and model of DVD burner you have in the PC could be helpful.

As imkidd57 said, what type of burner so you have?

Do you have the latest firmware for your burner?

What type of Blank dvd’s are you using? ( Brand )

At what speed are you burning at?

Did you use Anydvd first before running dvdshrink?
Must be running when your making the image from the original.

Did you tell Dvdshrink to make audio and video ts folders to enable nero to burn them?

Did you burn the movie as a dvd-video?

Check this out and see if you are doing it right after you have copied the movie to audio_ts and video_ts folders

Guide at www.dvdshrink.info ,select guides, scroll down to burning section.

Select Nero Burning Rom: burning to DVD±R(W) guide using the “DVD-Video” mode.

Maybe you should invest in a dvd rewriteable disk, while going through this trial and error stage. It might take a little longer to burn it to disk, but if something screws up you can erase and start a again. Better then wasting a lot of dvd’s for nothing.

Did you tell Dvdshrink to make audio and video ts folders to enable nero to burn them?

I think this is the issue… that option was not even on the box when it came up. I was reading the tutorial and I couldn’t find this option anywhere.

You’re right, if you are using DVD Shrink 3.2 then there is not an explicit option to tell Nero to “burn as folders”.

What you need to set is the option to tell DVD Shrink to automatically use Nero in the background to burn the disc for you, once it has finished compressing the video. This option is set via a tickbox in the ‘Edit’ -> ‘Preferences’ -> ‘File I/O’ tab.

I have a suggestion though. Let’s sort out the question of the media quality before trying to sort out the higher order possibilities. It doesn’t matter how wonderful the authoring process is if all you’re doing is burning to crap discs, and as a number of us have said, your problems of disc compatibility could be completely explained by the quality of discs that are being used.

Can you download DVDInfoPro and use it to tell us what the media code of the discs is? Also the DVD drive information please.