I'm shocked, hope any one can help me


I have a NEC laptop with an LG DVD+RW drive.
I bought a pack of +R DVDs from Sony, I had previously used other brands without any problem.
When I tried to burn the first dvd, my DVD drive made a weird noise and the writing software aborted and flagged a message saying “Bad Media”.
After that I wasn’t able even to eject the DVD from the drive, so I restarted and then I was able to eject normally, and even read CDs normally; but now my drive is unable to read any DVD, no matter what DVD I put in it, Windows and all applications see the drive as empty.

I am completely shocked, because I never thought that a certain DVD could actually damage my hardware, I thought in the worst case it would just fail writing. Anybody can help me to understand what has happened here? and is there any workaround for my drive, or it’s gone?



I’ve had some writers that have died for me during the burning stage. CD’s still worked. Have you tried to read a commercial DVD? The last burner that died for me could still read those DVD’s, but burned DVD’s failed.

try cleaning the lense genlty with a q-tip and rubbing alcohol. Make sure it drys before using the drive.

It wouldn’t recognize absolutely any DVD, not even commercial ones.
I find it too much of a coincidence that this happened when burning the first DVD of the new lot. Are you sure the media couldn’t have caused the problem. I am now scared of using the DVDs with a new drive…
I will try cleaning the lens as was suggested.

there is no way that blank media can break a drive. :slight_smile:

Go to device manager and delete/uninstall the drive, then reboot the computer it should reload all drivers for the drive and hopefully you will be back in business,