I'm returning my 48125w

I’ve given this drive a chance and I have decided its not what I expected. First off, I downloaded all the latest software for clone, cdrwin, nero, etc. I thought everything was working ok, then the problems started occuring.
While copying sd2 games, every now and then it would lock up at 99% while reading. I tried the last two versions of clone and it did the same thing. (my 24102b never did that).
The next problem I found was that once I made a copy of MOHAA,(I’ve made many with 24102b no prob), while installing the second disc, it locked up at 98%!! I thought I’d try to install on another computer to double check the disc, and it did the same exact thing locking up at 98%.
Ok, so now I figure I’ll flash to the latest firmware version vso6 and see if that helps. Flash went fine. Figured I’d try another sd 2 game and see what happens. Guess what lol? Locks up at 99% of the read!!! Out it went and back in goes the 24102b. Read the same disc in about 7 min no prob. Burnt it and it works fine. 24102b hasn’t let me down yet and I’m keeping it. :slight_smile:
As far as the media goes, anything I throw at the 24102b works. Never had a problem with media. Just thought I’d share my experience.

your 48125w was a fucked drive, you should RMA it

Bad CD?

Life isn’t easy when copying games!
They agressively defend against copy and evry ‘hole’ is exploited to kick you doing this.
But, if you are in the legal path then just follow all the recommendations yo may find on this site but in different forums!

Go get there!!

I agree with what you’re saying flyer, but the problem isn’t the protection, its the writer. My 24102b has sucessfully made backups of all the games I tried with the new one. It’s the new burner that failed me. I only tried backing up games I already had with my 24102b.

My 48125W works well, I’ve also had the 24102B. The only differance I’ve seen between the two is the the 48 is simply faster of course. I think you got a defective drive, plain and simple. Exchange it, or stick with the 24X. Its really no biggie.

I may replace the drive, I’m not sure. Gonna sleep on it. One way or the other, it’s going back tomorrow.

hmmm…no such problems here. Could be the media or a mucked up drive?

My guess is the drive. The media is the same that I have been using with my 24102b without a prob. If that was indeed the case of the new drive being “very picky”, then I can do without it.