Im relly lost with all the xvid,iso,rom,cue.bin..etc

When you burn a dvd to watch on television,what is the file name or format…
mpeg2??Im relly lost with all the xvid,iso,rom,cue.bin…etc

I realize that alot of them are for the different media players…but clarifacation is needed…maybe theres a list …like .cue=cd
Sorry fer the sillyness of the question,it just confuses the heck outa me :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

Standard DVDs use MPEG2 compression format. Other compression formats are MPEG4 which DIVX5,XVID are variants of. ISO/CUE/BIN is a different thing entirely those are formats for the image for a CD or DVD. ROM is another different thing entirely.

What exactly are you trying to do?

I’m wanting to put together some kind of flow chart…to show what each format goes with,I’m more of a visual inclined person…If I can see it…Its all just confusiing…an example

I have a .cue .bin for a movie…but that just makes a cd,what if I want it on dvd??

              thanks for your assistance

Mpeg 1 look here. Mpeg 1 is the old standard for recording to a CD-ROM.(VCD)
Mpeg 2 look here. Mpeg 2 is the current standard for recording to CD-ROM (SVCD) and DVD-ROM.(DVD)
Mpeg 4 look here. As VeryBadBoy said is the Divx and Xvid format, and apple quicktime .mov format also. The variants of Mpeg 4 are relatively new but of high quality for a small file size. Can be recorded to CD or DVD. Mpeg 4 is mainly for PC play (and downloads for conversion) as there are very few Divx capable DVD Players as of yet. Unfortunately Mpeg 4 has a Pirates and Porn stigma attatched to it.

The data I’ve posted can be confusing. There is also Mpeg 3 and Mpeg 7 plus many different disc image formats.(Cue and Bin) For a really good Glossary and What it is/does look here.

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