I'm Prevented from going to forums

I registered an account and was able to login but told I couldn’t go the forums. I contacted forum email “cooperation” numerous times but got no reply. I had to reregister another account to get here. Wazzup with that and how can I get my other account straightened out?

hopefully Tax will see this and sort you out

Cool. My other account name was TomBrooklyn. Cheers.

The TomBrooklyn account is still waiting for the email confirmation. You should check your spam filter on the email account, the mail with the confirmation link may have gotten caught there. I will merge the TomBrooklyn and TomBrooklyn2 accounts.

OK, thanks. I tried to register a long time ago. That orig. email must be lost. All OK now though. Thanks.

You can now change your e-mail. Be aware that a new confirmation e-mail will then be sent to the new e-mail address. May be worth it to do so, so you can receive e-mail notifications etc.