I'm pretty stupid

Well, I’m not really stupid, but after reading through this forum I got really confused and hopefully someone could help me out in here.

You see, I have a NEC ND 2500a DVD burner. I also have a PS2. Lastly, I am in the army so my originals are at risk.
In any case, I decided to back up my games and I was told that RitekG04 DVDs are the best kind. After reading through this forum I noticed that 2500a has problems with Ritek DVDs. I also read that some firmware might fix it… Or not? This is where you, dear reader, come in: Please explain to me;
Will I be able to burn RitekG04 DVDs using my NEC ND 2500a at a good quality?
Will I need firmware updates? From what I can tell, I have 1.06 version. If I’ll need to update it, tell me what firmware to choose and how would i do the updating.
Lastly, all general suggestions would be most welcome.


based on my experience, dvd+r with dvd-rom booktype work better in ps2. why don’t you use RITEK R03?

about firmware, read here

The DVDs - I live in Israel, and have no idea where I could find G03 DVDs. RitekG04 are hard to find as it is(I’ll have to travel for 2 hours on a train just to get to the store that sells them). I have no idea what DVD-ROM booktype means.

As for the firmware, that link was very unclear. Does it suggest that I should download 1.07 firmware? Where would I get it? Is the official one on the NEC site okay?

Hi Farkad!

I’d recommend the 2510A 2.F7 firmware from Maddog to flash on your 2500A. It has the most recent writing strategy version numbers for the 2xx0A models and supports both SL and DL booktype setting.
Get the Windows version from TDB listed under 2510A here:


Read the readme carefully! To get around all restrictions there are, flash the 2510RPC1.EXE, and then you can change the booktype with the provided utility.

Bitsetting (or changing the booktype) means to sign your burned +R(W) or +R DL disc as DVD-ROM, so older players or a PS/2 “think”, you put a pressed DVD in. This feature is not available for -R(W) discs.

Make sure you use Nero or later, otherwise you may experience some buffer problems and get coasters!


Thanks for the tips, Legnerp.
I’m afraid I won’t be able to get DVD+R Ritek DVDs. As I said, even the RitekG04 DVD-R are extremely hard to come by and I’ll have to travel far to get them.
I already flashed the 1.07 firmware I could find on the NEC site. If there any reason for me to use the firmware you suggested if I can’t get DVD+R discs.
Also, I’ve found that using Alcohol 120% usually gets me better results then when I use Nero. Are there any reasons against using Alcohol 120%?

Do you have any other tips for me?
Thanks again for all the info provided.

Alcohol should work fine. :slight_smile:
You might also want to try Herries 107v2B5, as this firmware uses a better write strategy for RitekG04 discs.