I'm off tomorrow for a few days



tomorrow i’m going to a Demo/LAN party in Venlo, The Netherlands…
It will last the whole weekend and there will be no internet connection available (and i don’t have a gsm so i can’t internet using that either HINT ) so i wont be available for a few days
this means i can’t moderate any of the forums or reply to any of the mails or fix any errors that might appear this weekend in the mysql/php page… http://www.ambience.nl for information about the party… all come!


Take a break, have some fun over there! We’ll try to fix it ourselves…



Naaahhh don’t worry were gonna stay here to
look out for ya duke


Not to worry. Have a nice time.


pSyChO dAd


Much frag pleasure duke,


have a beer on me…drink up


make sure you rule the lan party.
kill em all, frag em, destroy em, crush em,

TD which games do you play?


It should was quake or something!!!
that’s pretty cool on LAN