Im now looking for Mitsui Silver CD-R , reputable shop and worldwide ship

hi all , im now looking for Mitsui Silver CD-R both 650 and 700mb sizes.

anyone know of a shop that ships to Australia and is reputable ?

any info helps



It’s not in my habits, but I’m gonna reply to a question you didn’t ask, with another question: why would you want Mitsui CDRs? :confused:

If it’s because of their reputation on the net, be aware that Mitsui’s position as one of the very best manufacturers is, sadly, a thing of the past.

What you want these days is CDRs made by Taiyo Yuden. Best quality/price ratio and extremely reliable and compatible discs. Find them either under the Verbatim brand as “pastels” CDRs, or unbranded from a reputable dealer… for other brand sources of Taiyo Yuden CDRs, wait (or ask) for more input here. :wink: Another great choice (if you can find them and you’re not afraid of the price) is Maxell Xtreme Protek, or Maxell Brodcasting Quality. These seem to be on par with, or in some instance even superior to, the Yuden discs.

Hope this helps, and sorry again for not replying to your question. :slight_smile:

Seconded. TY FTW.

hi guys , thanx for that info Francksoy…spose for Mitsui its like the Ritek G05 story , was good but now stink…

i can get TY no problemo from a shop about 15mins away , ive been using them for about 18months now. Ill stick to them based on your comments

your info was quite helpful Francksoy thaks for that