I'm not sure what kind of disc to buy

Okay I have a AVI Movie file on my computer, and I want to burn it to a disc that I can put in my Sony DVD player and watch it on my tv.

Because in the past I tried burning AVI Movie file to a DVD+R disc. But when I put it in my DVD player it said “no disc.”

But the movie was able to play on my computer when I put the disc into the drive.

Any suggestions on what kind of disc I should buy?


Is your player DIVx certified?

I’m not sure, how would I find out?

There’s usually a sticker on the front. You could look over at the list of DVD players at Videohelp.com, but if you have to ask it probably isn’t. Try FAVC to convert your DivX to a standard DVD.

Okay, so here’s a better question.

Using Nero 8 how would I covert an AVI Movie file to a standard DVD file?

Any suggestions?

My suggestion is still FAVC. I believe there’s Nero Vision or some other application in the Nero suite that will do it, but FAVC will do it quicker and better.

I do home movies which I capture as AVI in Ulead Video Studio.
After I am done with any edits, I burn to dvd+r as a
mpeg2 file so as to be sure it will play on any set top dvd player which it does.

What’s FAVC?

Is it a program or software I have to download?


This is too confusing.

I downloaded the FAVC program, and I opened it and then I extracted it to another foldier.

And that’s as far as I got.

I need help.

vikboi28: In the 5th post, you asked for assistance using Nero 8. Follow the screen shots and that should do it. Remember to use quality media. Most members recommend Verbatim. If you use +R media, Nero will allow you to change the booktype to DVD-ROM which should allow for greater compatibilty with stand-alone players.

I followed all the screenshots.

But when I got to the last one, it wouldn’t allow me to add my video file.

I tried to add my video file, but it said “does not contain any video information.” And I clicked OK, because it wwas the only choice I had.

And another box popped saying “unable to inset.”

Any suggestions?