I'm not shure if this is the place to put it

I’m wondering…
Is there anyway to speed up a 2 year old computer that seems to have become old and grumpy??
I bought the computer to my father.
The only thing it have ever been used to, is reading newspapers and paying bills…
And still, it began running slower… (at startup and everything)

My sister also have a laptop, about the same age. It also became very slow…

My own laptop, about same age also went slow… I dropped it on to a steel beam, so the HD was destroyed. I inserted a new HD and the performance was back to like it was when I bought it.

Is there anything to do without formating?

Kindest Regards

Windows is getting old and crappy over the time…

I would save all important data, then install it new.
Also more RAM can speed up the whole system.