I'm not good at this

Hi, everyone

I registered to this forum 7 minutes ago and i only did so because i am desperate for a fairly all-round good CD-RW. You see my problem is I have lots of games (about 32 1 year-old games) and as i’m not quite independant in the way CDs are handled in our house i cant be sure what might happen to them.
Now, i already have an unbranded CD-RW (48X16X48X) which has managed to copy games which work on my own computer and i’m not sure about other readers. And also, i cant backup SecuRom New V.4.8.x games such as GTA:VC or Enter the Matrix with it.

Now, that i’ve told you the story, i want u to kindly tell me, the newbie, the make and model of a good CD-RW which would write AND read CDs accurately and efficiently and can copy Safedisc and SecuRom New and RMPS and Laserlock protected discs easily.PLLLZZZZ HELP I’M GETTING MORE SCRATCHES ON MY GAMES DISCS EVERYDAY!!!

Hello newbie. Enjoy your stay.
Answer to your question: A LiteON 52327S (or 6S) or Plextor Premium would do.

The and this and that have got you covered :slight_smile:

Another Q: When in a review it is stated that a bakcup of the tested games “works” does this mean that it works as if its the original or it works as in “if you use crack it works”?
And by the way i want a Drive that writes discs that would work on other drives too!