I'm not from barcelona, but still,



i know nothing…(of computers, that is)

due to continuous crashing problems the dealer agreed to reinstall my computer (for free, otherwise it’s costing me 175fl)
he claims that the problems are due to mistakes i make doing things, and using demo’s etc…if i believe him, i shouldn’t download anything…

my question: as he is going to reformat (i still haven’t figured out completly how to do it myself),(and he is warning me that if i try it mself, i will end up with a non-working computer) i would like to know what’s the best way to ask him to partition etc…
i would like it in a way i can easyly reformat afterwards without losing everything( that is windows and being able to work)
my hd 6.3 gb
to be short, what’s the starting position so i can try out things and be able to erase everything and start allover again as if the computer would come out of the shop

perhaps it would be handy if the kids would have an different partition for their games too (games too are causing crashingproblems the dealer is warning me)

things like email, temporaly internetfiles…should come in a different pârtition than windows i guess… i tried that once, but then the result was 2 times the temporaly files…(on c(windows…) and d)

a reply in dutch would be helpfull, a same post was made in dutch forum (kweeniets…)



I’d make 2 partitions if I were you. One for windows and common program files. I’d make it 2gb. The other one would then be 4,3 gb. You can use that one for games and music etc.
To put your internet files on a different location you have to change the path in: (only internet explorer)
dutch: (since you are probably using this and you said you knew nothing)
internet-opties onder Extra, daarna bij algemeen en kiezen voor instellingen en daar kan je de path veranderen.

And it’s bullshit that this guy is telling you, you can’t download anything!!



thanks, i’ll ask him to make those two partitions,
till when i’ll be able to get online again
(you allways know when you are bringing your computer to the shop, never when you’ll get it back…it’s the 6th time in 3 months)